A downloadable game for Windows

Inspired by Sokoban, logic gates and magnetism, NABOKOS is a minimalist puzzle game, a hugely pulling puzzle game. Experience the magic of figuring out how to escape the level. No hints. No hand holding. Go for Gold!

Take it a step further and try your hand at creating your own levels using the game's intuitive integrated level editor!

Game Features:

  • Sokoban-style puzzle gameplay
  • Use the magnet to pull red boxes onto gold buttons
  • Escape the level by activating doors and logic gates.
  • Craft your own levels using the integrated level editor.

Install instructions

Simply extract the .zip and run the executable. If a SmartScreen window appears, please just click 'Run Anyway',  Note that the game is sandboxed and only writes to its own folder in the AppData directory. Please keep all included files intact.


nabokosGame.zip 5 MB

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